Descendants of John Parent


12. David Parent

Source: Original data: Clift, G. Glenn. "Second Census" of Kentucky, 1800. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2005. This "second census" of Kentucky is an alphabetical list of 32,000 taxpayers and is based on original tax lists on file in the Kentucky Historical Society.
David Parent, Nelson County, Tax List Date: 8/10/1801
Thomas Parent, Washington County, Tax List Date: 1800
John Parrent, Henry County, Tax List Date: 8/6/1800
Philip Parrent, Henry County, Tax List Date: 8/6/1800
Thomas Parrent, Henry County, 8/6/1800

In the 1810 Caldwell County census, the following is listed for David Parent:
2 males 0-10 (Wilson & ____ )
1 male 26-45 (David)
2 females 1-10 (Catherine & Sally)
3 females 10-16 (Mary, Charlotte & _____ )
1 female 26-45 (Nancy)

In the 1820 Caldwell County census, the following is listed for David Parent:
1 male 0-10 ( ____ )
2 males 10-16 (Wilson & ____ )
1 male over 45 (David)
2 females 1-10
2 females 16-26 (Charlotte & ___ )
1 female over 45 (Nancy)
(Three daughters were already married - Catherine in 1818, Sally in 1818 and Mary in 1813, so unless one of them was living (along with children) with David and Nancy, this leaves several children unaccounted for.

The 1830 census shows for David Parent:
1 male 15-20
1 male 20-30 (Wilson - he married in 1831)
1 male 60-70 (David)
1 female 50-60 (Nancy)
1 female 70-80

Acres: 200
Book: 17
Survey Date: 3-12-1799
County: Christian
WaterCourse: Conway Fk Eddy Cr
Volume 1
Part 1
page 383
More Info: Grantee: Parent David
Acres: 200
Book: 17
Page: 445
Date Survey: 3-12-1799
County: Christian
Watercourse: Conway Fk Eddy Cr

The following was written by Mildred Tandy to outline our current research status on the ancestry of David Parent. Any information that might have been included in a previous version of the notes on David Parent, that could possibly have had ANY of it's origins, or wording, with another present day Parent descendant, has been removed, to make clear the authorship and extensive research effort by THESE researchers. Much material has been donated and provided by many cooperative Parrent researchers, and credit is always gladly given to those individuals. We apologize if we inadvertently leave out a name, and we thank all those who are willing to help with our Parrent ancestry search. We provide all this information for your use without copyright or cost. We have more source information not posted here, and will gladly share that also.


In 1996, after learning that I was interested in the Parrent family research, Deborah Atchley contacted me, Mildred Tandy, and invited me to join the group in combining our own family lines. She, Pat Oliver, Randy Wynn, and Emma Lou Tabor had already been compiling research on various families including the Parrents. Pat Oliver had already established web sites for several Kentucky counties. My daughter, Karen, had found the web sites and suggested that I investigate this source, as he seemed to have a lot of Parrent information. This started my genealogy research.

We started combining our information with Deb establishing our main database. Emma Lou is organizing the pictures. Deb, Emma Lou, Randy, and I attended the Parrent Family Reunion in 1997 and again in 1999 and obtained a lot of information and pictures from those attending. Wilson Parrent and Judy Parrent have kept the reunion organized and active, as well as furnishing information and inspiration. Our information is from public records and all our helpful Parrent cousins attending the Parrent reunions each year, which are held the fourth Saturday of July in Eddyville, KY.

Emma Lou and I have made two trips to Frankfort, Kentucky to visit the Kentucky Historical Center and the Nelson County Court House to do research and make copies of documents. Mr. Ron Bryant, Curator, Kentucky Historical Center was extremely helpful to us with our research. Emma Lou, Pat, Deb, and Randy have researched various Kentucky counties and census records for information.

I have had access to The Southeastern National Archives as well as several genealogy libraries that have furnished us with many facts and copies of marriage, birth, and military records. I have become acquainted, via the Internet, with other Parrent/Parent researchers: Lynn Parent of Austin, TX, Mrs. Fola Bevans, Millville, NJ Historical Society and Parent researcher, and Camilla Parrent Zahler of Lambertville, NJ. They are all descendants of Samuel Parent who was a brother of our Josiah, father of Thomas Parrent. (note update: Mildred and her daughter have since made two more trips to New England for research since this was written.)

There were a Thomas, Josiah, and William Parent in Augusta County, VA during the years of 1749-1765 who may be our family; however, no records have been found to confirm this.

Many military records show a David Parrant enlisting in 1st US Regiment and serving under Gen. Josiah Harmer of Pennsylvania and the NJ Militia. The age given is not the same as OUR David; however, it is strongly believed that they do belong to him. Further research is necessary on this.

A part of David Parrent's farm, located on Eddy Creek, KY. , (200 acres of it) was from a land grant given to his father-in-law, John Conway/Connaway. Through his will, John assigned 200 acres to David and the same amount to David Bigham, grandfather of Susan Holloway, wife of Stephen C. Parrent . Pat Oliver has collected a considerable amount of information on the Conway/Connaways and has shared it with us as we continue to search for the origin of the land grant..

Mrs. Bevan, Camilla Zahler, and I have obtained copies of other genealogy research and documents that have established a plausible connection back for three more generations. Camilla has been very generous with her time in checking the New Jersey Archives and New Jersey State Library and has identified many documents and entries that have been of use to us. Camilla and I are now back to shared ancestors that she and I will continue to research.

There are many variations of spelling Parent/Parrent/Parrant/Parran. The spelling with two r's was used as early as the late 1600's. There are many references to William, Josiah and Thomas Parent; however, using dates, locations and other sources, we believe we have found our line of Parent/Parrents.

Many researchers believe that the Parent line is French Huguenot and others believe they came from England. We have been unable to prove either theory.

Research has led us to conclude that the following is plausible:

I. *John Parent, b abt l664: d abt 1705: ma Alice Throp Pettit: b abt 1668
They came to New Jersey from New York. After John Died, Alice
Married Moses Pettit.

Children of John and Alice:
*William Parent, abt 1690-1740
Elizabeth Parent, b abt 1692

II. *William Parent: b abt 1690, died 1740 in Monmouth, NJ.
Married Mercy Harrison (dau of ___Harrison and Alice English)

Children of William and Mercy Parent:
*Josiah, b abt 1712
Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Lydia, Samuel

III. *Josiah Parent, b abt 1712, m____?

Children of Josiah and ____?
*Thomas, b abt 1732
Margaret, b abt 1734

IV. *Thomas Parent, b abt 1732
Married Mary Lippincott in 1758 at Swedes' Church,
Philadelphia, PA

Children of Thomas and Mary Parent
*David Parrent, b bef 1762 (this is OUR David, father of Wilson)
Son (possibly named William) b 29 July 1771
Son (possibly named Josiah) b 31 May 1774
1850 Western District, Carroll Parish, Louisiana Census
19 Sept 1850
435 435 W W Old 38 m Mis
, Winnefred M? 38 f VA
John L Parent 38 M Carpenter KY

Carroll Parish LA, founded 1838, terminated 1877
Located in NE Louisiana
1868, the southern part of Carroll Parish becomes Richland Parish.
1877, Carroll County is divided into two parishes: East Carroll and West Carroll

Nancy Conway

According to Pat Oliver, Mary Harris was a daughter of Nancy Conway Harris, and a stepdaughter to David Parrent. He found the following in "Caldwell County Marriages, 1809-1832 transcribed and published by Brenda Joyce Jerome 1996: McCarty, John and Mary Harris. (bond 20 March 1813) Sec: Nehemiah Cravens. Consent 18 Mar 1813: "This is to certify that we David & Nancy Parent are perfectly satisfied with the Merage now depending between John McCarty and our daughter Mary Harris and wish the Clerk of the County to grant Licens for that purpose." David & Nancy Parent. Wit. J. McCarty.

Pat Oliver also speculates about the connection between the current McCarty family living near the original Par(r)ent farm on Eddy Creek and this John McCarty. He also speculates that Valentine and Orson Conway, living in the same neighborhood, are almost certainly brothers of Nancy Conway Parent. (per e-mail 4/97).

In the 1850 census, Nancy is living with Sarah Holland Utley and her family in Marshall County KY.

1850 Marshall Co KY Census
23 July 1850
28 28 Wm W Utley 31 m farmer 500 KY
, Sarah A 27 f KY
, E.C. 6 f KY
, John M 4 m KY
, James 1 m KY
Nancy Parent 76 f Ma
T.M. Wade 20 m farmer KY

Also in 1850 Marshall County KY Census census:
10 Sept 1850
742 744 William C Holland 22 m farmer KY
, Pernece ? 21 f KY
, Laura L 1 f KY
Nancy Parent 75 f Ma

next door in the 1850 Marshall County KY Census is:
741 743 John L Holland 25 m farmer 200 KY
, Pamela 22 f KY

13. Charlotte Parent

From: "Caldwell County, Kentucky Marriages 1809-1832" by Jerome
SHEFFIELD, Thos. B. and Charlotte PARRANT
(bond 28 Dec 1821) Sec: James H. BIGHAM. Parties of age.

Thomas B Sheffield

Feb 25 1828 Book F. pg 98 David Parent of the county of Caldwell and State of Kentucky for $70.00 paid by Thomas B. Sheffield of Caldwell Co., sold to Richard Sheffield, oldest son and heir of Thos. Sheffield, a certain parcel of land, containing thirty acres" being a part of the tract whereon I now live" Mentions David F. Bigham ' corner. Signed by David Parent (His X Mark) Witnessed by David F. Bigham and William Jenkins. Recorded Feb 15 1830 and sworn to by Bigham and Jenkins.

From Pat Oliver:
Thomas Sheffield was a Caldwell Co. taxpayer for the years 1821,22,23,24 and 25. He was 21 or over, had no land but owned one horse.