Descendants of Thomas Atchley


9. Mary Atchley

Doctor John Wm Holmes, a descendant of Mary, wrote a letter to the author of the Horn "Atchley" book, giving family details.
The Holmes family is documented in the Atchley book.

John Holmes

According to the Horn book, John came to the US, 8 June 1757. From Maud Horn's book: "He was a Greek scholar and taught in the Virginia schools. He was a member of the Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons. I was shown by his descendants the original dimit issued by his lodge in Ireland."

10. Thomas Atchley

According to the Horn book: "During young manhood, Thomas Atchley moved to Loudoun County, VA. In the latter place he married Lydia Richards in 1780. Soon thereafter they moved to Botetourt County, VA., where they resided until 1786, when they moved to what is now Sevier County, TN."

"As the necessity demanded it, Thomas Atchley responded to the defense of his country. When but 20 years of age, he enlisted during the Fall of 1775 in the Colonial Army and served for one month as a private in Major John Dunn's First Regiment, Middlesex County Militia. While a resident of Loudoun County, VA., he enlisted in the Fall of 1777 and served six months as a private in Captain Reddakin's Virginia Company. While a resident of Botetourt County, VA., he enlisted in 1781, served one month as a private in Captain John Lewis' Virginia Company of Botetourt County Regiment; then enlisted again in the same year and served two weeks (Officers not named), making in all four enlistments during the Revolutionary War if we count the enlistement in New Jersey during 1775 (which, of course, was prior to the time of general rebellion)."

1830 Sevier County TN Census:
Thomas Atchley Sr 0001000001-100100002

According to the Sevier County TN Library web site:
Alder Branch Baptist is one of the oldest congregations in Sevier County and was founded by Thomas Atchley,Revolutionary War Soldier.

Atchley, Thomas:
Born May 3, 1755 in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Lived in Middlesex County, NJ and Botetourt County Virginia during the War. Served as Private under Major Dunn in the New Jersey Line. Rein listed in 1777 served under Capt. Reddakin's Co. in Virginia and again in 1781 under Capt. John Lewis. Also in the Indian Wars and in the War of 1812. married 1780 Lydia Richards Children : Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Isaac, Benjamin, Joshua, Lydia, Thomas, Jane, Elizabeth, Rhoda and Noah.
Ref: Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Tennessee DAR1974
He is buried at: Alderbranch Baptist Church in which he helped found.

Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications; Vol III; 1959 (Abraham AND Thomas Atchley)
ATCHLEY, Thomas (Lydia). W.257
3 Sept 1832. Sevier Co., Tenn. Thomas Atchly of said county, aged 77 years 4 months, declares he was born 3 May 1755 in Middlesex Co., NJ, where he entered service about 1774-75. He marched to Brunswick Town and was put under Maj. Dunn. He marched to Amboy on the bay opposite Staten Island and remained until discharged. He served one month.

He again entered service in September under Capt Jas. Reddakin and Lieut. Thomas Cavin in Lowden [Loudon] Co., VA and marched to Pittsburg, Penn., took water in boats to the mouth of Wheeling where they were stationed six miles above the mouth of Wheelin. The first of March following he was discharaged and retruned home to Loudon Co., VA.

Some time afterward he moved to Botetourt Co., VA., on the banks of Roanoke River and again entered service under Capt. John Lewis. He marched to Guilford Co., NC., and served one month. He then went home to Botetourt County.

He next volunteered to disarm some suspected Tories at Walker's Creek, VA. He served about two weeks. John Clack, now living in West Tennessee, could prove his service.

5 Jun 1833. Sevier Co., Tenn. Thomas Atchley, declares his first term was in 1775 as a volunteer under Maj. Dunn. His second under apt. Jas. Reddakin and Lieut. Thos. Cavins was in 1777. His third and fourth terms were in 1781.

3 June 1839. Sevier Co., Tenn. Lydia (X) Atchley of said county, aged about 75, declares she is widow of Thomas Atchley. They were married in Louden Co., VA, by a minister of the Gospel about 1780 when she was about 16. He died 11 Oct 1836.

6 Sept 1841. Sevier Co., Tenn. Isaac Atchly declares the family record was torn from an old copy book given him by his father:
"Thomas Atchley was born May the 3rd day in the year of our Lord 1755
Lydia Atchley was born August 18th day in the year of our Lord 1762
Hannah Atchley was born February the 23rd day 1782
Mary Atchley was born November the 13th day 1783
Sarah Atchley was born November the 28th day 1785
Isaac Atchley was born December the 9th day 1787
Benjamin Atchley was born January the 24th day 1790
Joshua Atchley was born February the 26th day 1792
Lyddy Atchley was born April the 22 day 1794
Thomas Atchley was born April the 19 day 1796
Jean Atchley was born August 1 day 1798
Elizabeth Atchley was born October the 14th day 1800
Roda Atchley was born February the 25th day 1802
Noah Atchley was born January the 19th day in the year of our Lord 1807"

29 Jan 1844. Sevier Co., Tenn. Lydia (X) Atchley of said county, aged 82, applies again for a pension.

Isaac Atchley and Joshua Atchley declare they have known Mrs. Lydia Atchley sixty years, from their earliest recollection.

31 July 1849. Sevier Co., Tenn. Randal Hill, aged 52, declares that one of the first marriages he recollects was that of the daughter of Thomas and Lydia Atchley.

31 July 1849. Sevier Co., Tenn. Thomas Maples of said county, aged in his 60th year, declares he emigrated to Sevier County in 1802. Thomas and Lydia Atchley were living together then and had five children, the oldest of whom was much older than Maples.

Thomas Atchley also was a soldier in the Indian War of 1794.

Thomas Atchley of Cocke Co., Tenn., private in company of Capt Lewis in the New Jersey line for 8 months and 14 days was placed on the East Tennessee pension roll at $28.22 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 19057 was issued 2 Aug 1833.

Lydia Atchley, widow of Thomas Atchley, was placed on the Knoxville, Tenn., pension roll at $28.22 per annum. Certificates 10716 under the Act of 1838 and Joint Resolution of 23 Jan 1845, 8626 under the Acts of 1843-44, and 5040 under the Act of 1848 were issued 25 Aug 1849.

Lydia Richards

1840 Sevier County TN Census
shows Lydia, age 75, a Revolutionary Pensioner. She was living with Noah at the time.

In the 1850 census, Lydia is living with her son, Isaac, and his family in Sevier County TN.

31. Jean Atchley

Her name appears as Jean in some records.

11. Joseph Atchley

Per the Maud Horn Book: "Joseph served in the American Army, along with three brothers, in the Revolutionary War. He was a Christian following the teachings of John Wesley. The name of his wife is not known although wide search has been made. Two sons, Joseph Atchley II and William are the only children we could find who were born to Joseph Atchley I."

I have a copy of the will of a Joseph Atchley. It was filed in Rhea County TN August 1829 Tenn.R976,883B.
It lists his wife as Cristener and lists children: Thomas, Joshua, Daniel, Joseph, Barbara Price, Rebecca Hannah, Moses, heirs of daughter Ruth Murphee, daughter Thursey, son Joel (Koel?), heirs of son Elijah.

Record of Wills in Rhea County Page 44,45
Tenn R976,88 3B

The last will and testament of Joseph Atchley.
Which was proven in open court at August Sessions 1829 and was ordered by the court to be recorded and is in the words and figures following towit.,
I Joseph Atchley of Rhea County and State of Tennessee, do hereby make this my last will and testament in the following manner and form (to wit.) First I give and bequeath unto my wife Cristener Attchley my brown colored mare, my bay colored mare, and my bay colored horse colt and their increase. I also given to her seven head of cattle, four head of sheep, and ten head of hogs, all my farming utensils, two beds and furniture all my household and kitchen furniture and one rife gun. Secondly I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Atchley one dollar for the use of him and his heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto my son Joshua Atchley one dollar. 4thly I give and bequath unto my son Daniel Atchley one dollar for the use of him andhis heirs forever. 5thly I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Atchley one dollar for the use of him andhis heirs forever. 6thly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Barbara Price one dollar for the use of her and her heirs forever. 7thly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rebecca Hannah one dollar for the use of her and her heirs forever. 8thly I give and bequeath unto my son Moses Atchley one dollar for his use and benefit forever. 9thly I give and bequeath to heirs of my daughter Ruth Murphee one dollar for their use and benefit forever. 10thly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Thursey Atchley one dollar for her use and benefit forever. 11thly I give and bequeath unto my son Koel [Joel?] Atchley one dollar. 12th I give and bequeath unto the heirs of my son Elijah Atchley one dollar. My desire is that if my wife Christina wishes to lay out any property for land or for any other necessary she is in need of to do so and my Executors to assist her. And if any property may remain after money be equally divided among my children after her funeral expenses are paid. And I do hereby constitute and nominate and appoint Jacob Price and my son Joseph Atchley Executors of this my last will and Testament revoking and disannuling all former bequests, wills or Testaments by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of February in the year of Our Lord one thousand eighteen hundred and twenty-nine.
Joseph Atchley [his mark]
Signed, published, and declared by the said Joseph Atchley to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.
Ira Hill
John X Sundagin.

12. Martin Atchley

From the Maud Horn Book:
"Martin (or Martino) Atchley was born in Middlesex County, MJ, a son of Joshua and wife. He served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, while residing in Loudoun County, VA. He was married in Botetourt County VA to Zephery Tyler and emigrated to Sevier County probably begore the birth of their children, Ann and Thomas. He then married Annie Catlett and then married a third time to "unknown". Martin and family left Sevier County and lived for a few years in Washington County, TN. Later they settled in what is now Meigs County TN. Martin was a member of Pisgah Baptist Church and it is believed his remains were buried in the cemetery near the church, which is located about four miles north of Decatur in Meigs County, TN.

1830 Rhea County TN Census:
Martin Atchley 0101000001-00000001

From Elaine Wyatt Branham on GenForum - Atchley Forum:

"I have a camera photo copy of the Family Bible of Moses Wyatt and his wife Martha Atchley Wyatt:

BIRTHS Martin O Atchley was born in the year of our lord 1760; Mary Atchley the wife of Martin O Atchley was born May 6 - in the year of our lord 1773; Mary Atchley was born November the 11 - 1785; Anna Atchley was born Aprile the 30 - in the yeare of our lord 1787; Hannah Atchley was born February the 12 in the yeare of our lord 1789; Sophia Atchley was born Aprile the 21 - in the yeare of our lord 1797; Ziporah Atchley was born November the 11 - in the yeare of our lor 1799; Martha Atchley was born January 8 in the yeare of our lord 1803; John Atchley was born September the 25 in the yeare of our lord 1806; Mahala Atchley was born November the 30 in the yeare of our Lord 1809; Seth Atchley was born february the 8 in the yeare of our Lord 1813.

DEATHS Martin O Atchley Disseased October 30, 1840; Mary Atchley wife of the above Deseased March the 17th A D 1847.

It is apparent from the above record that Mary was not the Mother of the first 3 girls. Martin O Atchley had married Zephery (or Zipporah?) Tyler/Taylor back in Virginia... Botetourt Co if I recall correctly. I do not believe the story about the third wife because Mary did not die until after the decease of Martin.

I am descended from Martha Atchley Wyatt

Anna Atchley married Miles Vernon; Sophiah Atchley married William Agee (parents of Martha and Mahala Agee); Ziporah Atchley married Joseph J Thrailkill; Martha Atchley married Moses Wyatt (parents of Coleman McReynolds Wyatt who married Martha Agee and Martin Wesley Wyatt who married Mahala Agee... and they are my Grt Grandparents); John Atchley married Elizabeth Eubanks; Mahala Atchley married a Wilson.

I am not sure about Mahala but I know that all of the other above Atchley children migrated from the Rhea/Meigs County, TN area with Miles Vernon, about 1840, to Laclede Co, MO. I believe that Seth Atchley may have remained in TN. I do not have the marriages of the other children."

13. Abraham Atchley

A copy of Abraham's pension appication (from the Revolutionary War) is on page 247 of the Maud Horn Book. Excerpts:
Dated: 22 Sept 1820, Sevier County TN
Abraham Atchley
Aged 61
Enlisted for 18 months.
Discharged at Boetetort County
Wife Alsey, aged 47
Children: John, 16
Thomas 13
Easther 11
James 9
William 7
George 4
13 Aug 1835 he's in Jackson County AL, aged 78, born 25 Oct 1761, 5 miles from Princeton NJ. Moved with parents to Montgomery County, VA... Remained in VA some years and then moved to Sevier County TN about 1790/91. Moved to Jackson County AL in 1828.
18 Jan 1843 Jackson Co AL. says he was born 25 Oct 1757.

1830 Rhea County TN Census
Abram Atchley 0012000001-00000001 [this is probably NOT THIS Abraham, as Abram is listed in the 1830 Jackson County Alabama Census]

Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications; Vol III; 1959 (Abraham AND Thomas Atchley)

22 Sept, 1820. Sevier Co., Tenn. Abraham Aitchley, aged 61, declares he enlisted for eighteen months in Aug. -- in the company of Capt David May in the regiment of Col. Andrew Lewis. He was discharged in Bautetort [sic] County and was at the Siege of York.

He owns two hogs, one kettle, one pot, one oven, one pewter dish, four pewter plates, one axe and one old hoe. He is a day labourer.

His wife Alsey is aged 47 and his children are John aged 16, Thomas aged 13, Easther aged 11, James aged 9, William aged 7 and George aged 4.

13 Aug 1835. Jackson Co, AL. Abraham (X) Aitchley declares he enlisted before the battle of Camden under Capt Wadisan and marched for Camden but having heard of the battle before they got there, they returned home. He enlisted for two months but served only one month. The colonel gave the men a discharge for two months.

22 Aug 1839. Jackson Co., AL. Abraham (X) Aitchley, aged 78, declares he was born 25 Oct 1761seven miles from Princeton, NJ. He moved with his parents to Montgomery Co., VA. In the Fall of 1771 [1777] he volunteered in the company of Capt James Redikin for three months and marched against the Shawnee Indians at Fort Pitt. They marched through the Red Stone settlement, crossed the Allegany Mountain at the old Battle Ground of Gen. Braddock, and took his old trace to the fort. The enemy had fled and they retruned home. He was discharged at Leesburg. Stewart acted as adjutant.

He was drafted for three months under Capt David May and marached to York Town against Lord Cornwallis. He was in service at the surrender. At the moment of surrender he was stationed on the French picket guards, and acted as orderly sergeant to his company. He guarded prisoners to Winchester Barracks and was discharged at Staunton.

He remained in Virginia some years and then moved to Sevier Co., Tenn., about 1790-1791. He performed a tour of duty against the Cherokee Indians under Capt Peter Bryant. They marched to a place now called Kingston, cutting out a road for their march from Knoxville to that place where they built a fort.

In Aug. 1815 he volunteered in the company of Capt A. Lawson for six months and marched under Gen. Taylor from Knoxville to Camp Mandeville below Mobile Point where he remained until discharged in March 1816.

He lived in Sevier Co., Tenn., until 1828 when he moved to Jackson Co., Ala. He was born in Middlesex Co., NJ, in 1759 (record in his brother Thomas' family Bible). He lived in Loudoun Co., VA., when he entered service.

18 Jan 1843. Jackson Co., AL. Abraham (X) Aitchley of said county declares he was born 25 Oct 1757 near Princeton, NJ. When ten or twelve years old he moved with his father to Loudon Co., VA. On 25 Aug 1778 he volunteered under Capt. James Reddikin for three months and rendezvoused at the Baptist Meeting house five miles from Leesburg on the road to Washington City. They marched to Fort Pitt and remained until 1 Dec 1778 when they were relieved and returned home.

On 10 Aug 1781 he was drafted to go to the siege of Yorktown and acted as orderly sergeant under Capt David May. They rendezvoused at the Court House. He arrived about 10 Sept and was attached to the regiment of Col. Samuel Lewis. There was almost constant cannonading kept up on both sides and occasinally engagements of the light horsemen. His company was a part of the guard of prisoners to Winchester Barracks.

He lived in Virginia until about 1813 when he moved to East Tennessee and there until about 1834 when he settled where he now lives.

28 July 1854. Jackson Co, AL. William (X) Atchley gives power of attorney to Charles C. Tucker to secure the pension due his father Abraham Aitchley.
Rejected because he did not serve six months.

Abraham mentions his "brother Thomas' famiy bible" as the place where his birth is recorded.

58. Thomas Atchley

According to the Maud Horn book:
"Thomas Atchley, the earliest known record of the Meigs County Branch is that of Thomas Atchley believed to have been a son of Martin or Abraham. He married a woman doctor of medicine, Dr. Nancy Eliza Vernon, sister of Col. Miles Vernon..... Thomas Atchley lived on what is now known as the Hendley farm, north of Decatur, Meigs County.

Thomas was a powder maker and plied his trade amongst the Cherokee Indians. He was also a Methodist preacher.It is said that when the Indians were removed to Indian Territory Thomas Atchley followed them in his preaching and selling of gunpowder. It is supposed he died in Indian Territory."

14. Daniel Atchley

Other Wills listed in:
"Calendar of Wills 1801-1805" from Middlesex NJ

1801, July 27. Atchley, Daniel of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'rs - Sarah Atchley and Daniel Atchley. Fellowbondsmen - Thomas Fort, Jr and Samuel Brush; all of said Co.
1796, Jan 6. Inventory, taken by Tunis Post and John Bergen, but not totaled.

1801, Dec 10. Atchley, Daniel, Jr., of Middlesex Co Ward. Son of Daniel Atchley, of said co., dec'd being upwards of 14 years of age, by his petition makes choice of Daniel Atchley.
1801, Dec 10. Guardian - Daniel Atchley. Fellow bondsmen - Richard Addis and James Reid; all of said Co..

"Virginia Taxpayers 1782-87"
Each showed 1 as "poll" and no slaves; All were in Botetourt County.
Atchley, Abraham
Atchley, Joseph
Atchley, Martin
Atchley, Thomas

From the Horn book:
"Daniel was born in Middlesex County NJ. He emigrated to Loudoun County VA and while there residing he enlisted in, and served in, the American Army during the Revolutionary War. Emigrated, about 1787, to Tennessee, settling in what is now Sevier County. He married Sarah ___ . " Their children, if any, are not listed in the Horn book. [Note from Debbie: I don't believe the Daniel married to the Sarah is this Daniel. I think Maude Horn had him confused with his SON Daniel, or she could be talking about the Daniel in the above info from 1801.

"The tombs of Daniel Atchley and wife, Sarah, are in the Old Pate (or Long) Cemetery, located near French Broad River and one or two miles northwest of Providence Church. The headstone at the grave of Daniel Atchley shows that he died March 2, 1863." [Note from Debbie: I think this information is for the SON of this Daniel Atchley. He would have been too old to have died in 1863.]

If Mary Russel was born in 1763, she is not likely the mother of William, born in 1820. She would have been 57 when he was born - NOT a likely occurence.

Per T. Grant Maple on the Atchley GenForum:
"Thomas Atchley and his wife Ruth Maple were the ancestors of the New Jersey Atchley family. There was no James Atchley in New Jersey. Maud Horn apparently missed the will of Thomas Atchley and that of Benjamin Maple, both listed in the New Jersey Archives, the multi-volume work published many years ago by the office of the Secretary of State of New Jersey. Researchers do make mistakes. When genealogists hazard a guess as to a possible ancestor, they usually employ a phrase such as "His father may have been ...." to indicate documentary proof is lacking but that future research may establish a possible connection. Unfortunately, once a genealogy error goes into print, people will be continuously misled. Aside from the error, Maud Horn's information on the descendants of Joshua Atchley is probably reliable."

From ""Who's Who In TN" pub. 1911 by Paul & Douglass Co.-- p. 211-- William Abner Atchley of Knoxville, bn Sevierville, TN, Apr. 20, 1860, son of Thomas and Lydia L. [Atchley] Atchley; paternal grandparents, Noah and Nancy [Farris] Atchley; maternal gps Isaac and Nancy [ Bower] Atchley-- William m. Florence A. Ames, Aug. 5, 1891.

1830 Tennessee Census Records:

John Atchley - Bledsoe - 20001-00001
Joseph Atchley - McMinn - 130001-1021
Abram Atchley - Rhea - 0012000001-00000001

The following were on the same census page:

John Atchley - Rhea - 10001-10001
Hannah Atchley - Rhea - 00001-0000001
Martin Atchley - Rhea - 0101000001-00000001
Joshua Atchley - Rhea - 00000001-00000001
John Atchley - Rhea - 1001-0001
Armistead Atchley - Rhea - 00001-01001
Torrey Atchley - Rhea - 1001011-110101

Sevier County Page 103:
Atchley, Thomas Jr 210001-012001
Haggard's and Kerr's are on this page also.

The following were on the same census page 105:
Joseph Atchley - Sevier - 110001-10001
Joshua Atchley - Sevier -10011-10001
Daniel Atchley - Sevier -000001-0000101
Benjamin Atchley - Sevier - 2210001-001101
Clabourn Trotter is on this page.
Ogle's are on this page.

The following were on the same census page 104:
Thomas Atchley Sr - Sevier - 0001000001-100100002
Noah Atchley - Sevier - 20001-10001
Trotter, William 000100001 - 0111001
Isaac Atchley - Sevier - 0122001-11001
Joshua Atchley - 010001 - 010001
Maples are on this page too.

The following suggests that Daniel died around 1825.
Sevier County, TN
Early Surveyor Books
Page 3
Bk 1, p 20, No 39
Atchley, Joshua: 23 Apr 1824; 20 May 1824
50 acres on the south side of the French Broad River. Adj: lands of Thomas Atchley & Others; Atchley, Daniel; Atchley, Isaac.
S.C.C. Haggard, James; Atchley, Isaac

Page 22
Bk 1, p 145, No. 286
Trotter, William: 3 Oct 1825 24 Feb 1826
100 acres on the waters of Flat Creek. Adj: Moon, John; Canterbury line; Atchley, Daniel deceased
S.C.C. Trotter, Henry; Trotter, Claiborn.

Page 22
Bk 1 p 146 No 287
Trotter, William: 3 Oct 1825 24 Feb 1826
6 acres on the waters of Flat Creek on both sides of said creek. Adj: Moon, John; Maples, Jesse.
SCC. Trotter, Henry; Trotter, Claiborn.

Page 22
Bk1 p 147, No. 486
Goforth, Russell 17 Feb 1826 24 Feb 1826
21 acres on the South side of the French Broad River; Adj: Jinloves, Thomas; Ralen, George; Atchley, Daniel heirs; Canterberry, William.
S.C.C. Cornbull, George; Cornbull, William

Page 23
Bk 1 p 155 No 395
Atchley, Daniel 12 Jan 1826 21 Mar 1826
50 acres on Flat Creek.
S.C.C. Dunn, Thomas; Atchley, Jesse

Page 23
Bk 1 p 157 No 450
Atchley, Jesse 2 Feb 1826 11 Mar 1826
100 acres on Clendenor still house branch. Adj: Hill, John; Trotter, William.
S.C.C. Atchley, Daniel; Chambers, Isaac

Page 69
Bk 1 p 467 No 1348
Toomey, James 19 Dec 1837 24 Jan 1838
12 acres on Millican Creek. Adj: said Toomey and Atchley, Seth.
S.C.C. Hill, Randle; Toomey, James

Page 108
Bk 2, p. 142 No 2024
Long, Maples 27 Feb 1850 6 Mar 1856
25 Acres of land and waters on the FrenchBroad River. Adj: Atchley, Daniel canoe landing or wash place; Douglass line.
S.C.C. Abbot, John; Long, M.

New Jersey Census, 1772-1890
about Daniel Atchley
Name: Daniel Atchley
State: NJ
County: Middlesex County
Township: Winsor
Year: 1793
Record Type: June Tax List
Database: NJ Tax Lists Index 1772-1822

Daniel Atchley who was married to Ann Scott died 1839 in Middlesex Co NJ. He is NOT our Daniel.

64. Daniel Atchley

William Trotter says that his daughter Diane was married to Daniel Atchley; one of his other daughters, Angeline, was married to Amos Atchley, a brother of this Daniel Atchley, so I'm ASSUMING that THIS is the Daniel Atchley to whom Diane was married. She must have died early. In the 1860 census, 59 year old Danl is living with 70 year old Sarah. Who is she? Is she a wife? Is she Sarah Diane Trotter? Is that why the land action was taken - after Sarah/Diane died?

1870 District 7,Sevier Co TN Census
52 52 Atchley, Sarah 79 f w Keeping house 1500 429 VA
, Syntha C 45 f B houskeeping TN
, Night John 20 m w farm laborer TN

1860 District 7, Sevier Co TN Census
687 686 Danl Atchley 59 m farmer 1000 1700 TN
, Sarah 70 f VA

1850 Eastern Subdivision 12, Sevier Co TN Census
579 579 Daniel Atchley 54 m farmer 1000 TN
, Sarah 60 f VA
, Lucinda? 14 f TN

1840 Sevier Co TN Census
Daniel Atchley 0000001-1000001 (1 male between 40 & 50)(1 female under 5, 1 female between 40&50)

1830 Sevier Co TN Census
Daniel Atchley 000001-0000101 (1 male between 30 & 40) ( 1 female between 20&30, 1 female betweenn 40 &50)

Sevier County TN Court Record:
Case #278
To the Honorable O P Temple Chancellor presiding at Sevierville, Tennessee.

Your Orator J T Trotter, a citizen of Sevier County Tenn humbly complaining, showeth unto your Honor, that about the year 1861, Daniel Atchley departed this life, intestate, in Sevier County, seized and posessed of 22 acres of land, lying in Sevier County District No 7, comprising two small tracts of cleared land, containing about 17 acres adjoining the lands of your orator and heirs of Sarah Atchly and a small tract of wood land, of about five acres adjoining the lands of your Orator and C Hardin.

Your Orator further showeth that the following named brothers and descendants of brothers, and sisters, are the only heirs at law, of said intestate, and inherit the above described lands, viz; Seth Atchley a brother and citizen of Arkansas. The descendants of Jesse Atchley a deceased brother, to wit: two sons Enoch and Calvin, and six daughters viz: Martha who married A. Price, Derusha, who married Thos. Hawkins, Delila who is dead leaving an only child M A George, Lucinda who is dead leaving three children viz: John Trotter, Jesse Trotter, and Minerva Harris (formerly Trotter), who married Wm Harris, Rachael who is also dead leaving five children viz: Enoch Denton, G T Denton, Elizabeth Denton, Calvin Denton and Mary Bean (formerly Denton) who married _____ Bean and Minerva Davis (formerly Atchley) who married Josiah Davis, all the descendants of Jesse Atchley dec'd are citizens of Bradley Court except Calvin Atchley and Josiah Davis and wife Minerva who are non-residents.

The descendants of Joseph Atchley also a deceased brother of said intestate are as follows to wit: Wesley, William, Joseph, Martha who married Jacob Parrott, Amy O who married Thomas Langston and Rebecca who married William Atchley, all citizens of Sevier County and Penelope who married Elijah Nichols both of Jefferson County and all being sons and daughters of said Joseph Atchley dec'd.

The descendants of William Atchley also a deceased brother of said intestate are as follows to wit: three sons Pleasant, Clabourne and James and one daughter Mary H who married Benjamin Langston, all citizens of Sevier County, but the interests of said James and Clabourne in said land belong to Orator.

Mille, a deceased sister of said intestate left but one child, Minerva, whose inteerest in said land belongs to your Orator.

Mima Maples a deceased sister of said intestate left six children viz: Preston Maples, Jackson Maples and Mary Newman (formerly Maples) who married ______ Newman, who is dead, all citizens of Bradley County and two sons whose names and residences are unknown.

Joshua Atchley another deceased brother of said intestate, left the following children viz: Daniel Atchley, a citizen of Bradley County and William and Nancy, who married _____ Hickman, non residents and probably others, but their names, number and residences are unknown to your Orator.

Martin Atchley another dec'd brother of said intestate, left a son, Joshua Atchly, a citizen of James County and other children whose names and residences are unknown to your Orator.

Amos Atchley a deceased brother and Alice Moore a deceased sister of said intestate, each left children but your Orator has not been able to acertain their number, names or residences.

Your Orator has made diligent inquiry and the above are all the heirs of said Daniel Atchley, whose names and residences he has obtained.

He states, that on account of the small quantity of said land and the large number and inequality of interests therin, it will be impossible to partition the ??? in the usual way and that it will be manifestly to the interest of all parties to sell the same for partition.

........ the names are repeated etc etc.

A later paper in the file:

Be it remembered that on this 13th day of April 1874 this cause came on to be finally heard before the Hon O.P. Temple Chanceller.....
[J T Trotter bought the land!!]....

71. Rachel Atchley

Died at age 14.

15. Margaret Atchley

Transcript from the Record of Returns of Marriages, 1795-1799, kept in the office of the Clerk of the County of Middlesex, pursuant to Sec. VIII., of "An Act concerning marriages," passed the 4th of March, 1795. The records have been herewith arranged in alphabetical order.
Atchley, Margaret, and Thomas Phillips 1799 Sept. 15